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George Vlahavas

I have uploaded a new version of slkbuild:

The main change since the last update I posted in the list is that now
libtool archives (.la files) are removed by default.

libtool archives are not much use anymore these days. Their presence might
even create problems in some cases; they might force rebuilds for
libraries that no rebuild is needed. Slackware started partially removing
them on 14.1. More info on what these files are and their use is in the
following link:


So, slkbuild will delete .la files by default from now on. A 'keepla'
option has been added. You can use that inside the options() variable in
the SLKBUILD file in order to keep the la files, in case it is needed. But
my guess is that it will never be needed.

This will be in the slkbuild package for 14.2.

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