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[Salix-main] salix-codecs-installer 2.0.0

George Vlahavas
I have just uploaded version 2.0.0 of salix-codecs-installer to the main
repo and it should be propagated to mirrors soon.

The big change in this new version is that it now includes a command line
counterpart to the gtk application (which should make a nice match for
the ratpoison edition or anyone who prefers running things from a
terminal). The new command line app is run with
the salix-codecs-installer command while the gtk app has been renamed to

I have used the exact same strings as with the gtk app, so if
salix-codecs-installer was already translated to your language, the new
command line app is translated too.

I don't expect any problems with it at all, but everyone is welcome to
test it.

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