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[Salix-main] firefox 45.1.1esr in 14.2

George Vlahavas
Yesterday, I upgraded firefox to 45.1.1esr, after Tim discovered a nasty
memory leak in the latest 38esr we previously had.

For a short period of maybe 2-3 minutes max, the 32bit package in the 14.2
repository, and only the 14.2 repository, was broken. I quickly fixed it
but kept the package name exactly the same:

I'm now thinking that maybe one of the mirrors had the time to sync in
those 2-3 minutes and would then carry the broken package for several
hours. If you somehow find the firefox package broken after an update,

slapt-get --clean
slapt-get -u
slapt-get --reinstall -i mozilla-firefox

and you should now get the correct one. It should have the md5sum:

There never was an issue with 14.1 repositories and earlier, so if you
don't have the 14.2alpha installed, there's nothing to worry about.

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