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George Vlahavas
Hi everyone!

I have just uploaded the first RC for our Mate release. Not too many
differences from the beta1 that was released a month or so ago. The very
few bugs that were found with that should be fixed by now. It's looking to
be a very fine release in my opinion...

So, please try these out so we can have a final release by the end of the
week. Sourceforge downloads and torrents are available:

Salix Mate 14.1RC1 (32-bit, i686)
(size: 739 MB, md5: 1b9d403403f5e5730eb55dabb7800fa0)

Salix64 Mate 14.1RC1 (64-bit, x86_64)
(size: 754 MB, md5: 8b5a20bb7382bb2362ffff978849aa50)

Have fun!

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