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Dimitris Tzemos
Salix Live Xfce 14.1 beta2 is ready for testing.

Inside boot/syslinux folder on iso there is install_on_usb.sh script.
run it with --help parameter to see options
can install iso on a usb and also create a persistent ext3 file.

I will right more in forum when i have time. I will be away till Sunday.

You can download iso images from our sourceforge project page, using
the following links:

Live ISO images
32-bit (i686):
(size: 753 MB, md5sum: 4701e26fd1f8238c0b4a098da15541e0)

64-bit (x86_64):
(size: 791 MB, md5sum: 14a910b16e263b424db3758e63316663)

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