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Pierrick Le Brun
Yes there has been some footwork behind the scene which should bear some fruits more visibly soon.

In any case we will work more as a team  and embrace and take time to train our new contributors.

More on this soon. :)


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"tim.beech" <[hidden email]> a écrit :

>> I assume that there has been some "back channel" communications going
>> on, but I think it's time for some "front channel" communications.
>Maybe they need a bit more time. Meanwhile, my impression is that work
>goes on, and that has to be positive however things unfold.
>My experience of starting out as a Salix packager was that I really
>wanted someone to tell me what to do at first. Then I just got stuck in
>anyway, screwed up, got helped out. So, as far as new volunteers are
>concerned, that would suggest the thing to do is just do it. Someone
>will soon provide the needed support. Just find the existing code and
>start playing with it (or whatever). Find out how the version control
>works (if there is any). Set it up better. Whatever. Write better
>documentation for developer newbies.
>To put it another way, perhaps it is safe to say that the core developer
>team is overstretched. Some key contributors have less time to give.
>Salix as it is, and their close-knit collaboration, is a monument to
>their talent and dedication over a number of years, but it can't stand
>still. Newcomers can surely best help out (and show their worth) through
>concrete contributions - and the way those are made.
>While I'm on my soapbox, let me reiterate what someone said recently.
>George, please come back! Maybe you guys (including George) have allowed
>too much to accumulate on George's shoulders, I don't know. But if
>there are to be changes (delegation, retrenchment, organisational), I'm
>convinced Salix will face them far better with George in the thick of
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