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[Salix-main] OIN Notice - Definition Update

December 27, 2013

Dear OIN Licensee:

We are pleased to announce that effective November 15, 2013 Google Inc., a Delaware corporation, became a Member of the Open Invention Network (“OIN”).

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that effective on March 7, 2014, OIN will update the definition of the Linux System set forth on our website, http://www.openinventionnetwork.com/pat_linuxdef.php, which modifies the rights under OIN’s license agreements by adding a new Table 6 that includes adding the following packages to the definition of Linux System:

1. ceilometer
2. cinder
3. condor-ec2-enhanced
4. condor-ec2-enhanced-hooks
5. condor-low-latency
6. condor-job-hooks
7. condor-wallaby
8. condor-wallaby-base-db
9. deltacloud-core
10. dwz
11. evolution-ews
12. firewalld
13. forge-distribution
14. glusterfs
15. gnome-shell-extensions
16. heat
17. heat-cfntools
18. libdeltacloud
19. libguestfs
20. mariadb
21. mcollective-qpid-plugin
22. nettle
23. openscap
24. openshift-origin-auth-mongo
25. openshift-origin-broker
26. openshift-origin-cartridge-abstract
27. openshift-origin-common
28. openshift-origin-controller
29. openshift-origin-dns-bind
30. openshift-origin-msg-broker-mcollective
31. openshift-origin-msg-node-mcollective
32. openshift-origin-node
33. openshift-origin-port-proxy
34. oslo-config
35. ovirt-engine
36. ovirt-node
37. packstack
38. python-ceilometerclient
39. python-cinderclient
40. python-glanceclient
41. python-heatclient
42. python-swiftclient
43. python-wsme
44. shim
45. targetd
46. vdsm
47. vhostmd

This change will apply to all members of OIN, associate members, and licensees (collectively, the “OIN Licensee Community”) other than as limited by the existing carve-outs, thereby broadening the scope of the license and release that you receive from OIN and the OIN Licensee Community as well as the scope of the license and release you grant back to OIN and the OIN Licensee Community.

This letter serves as notice pursuant to Section 2.1 of the License Agreement between you and OIN.  All changes to your license agreement and the Linux System Definition are available for review on the OIN website at http://www.openinventionnetwork.com/.


Keith Bergelt
Chief Executive Officer
Open Invention Network LLC

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