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[Salix-main] OIN Hangouts Invitation - September 30th at 5pm EDT - Please RSVP

Dear OIN community member,

As we announced earlier this summer, OIN will be kicking off "OIN Hangouts" sessions for our community with a presentation from Ken Seddon ([hidden email]), the CEO of the LOT Network (www.lotnet.com).  LOT was launched to limit the ability of operating companies to engage in patent privateering that can, in many cases, give rise to patent assertion entity (aka “patent troll”) litigation.  This session will be held on September 30th, 2015 at 5:00 pm eastern daylight time (GMT -4 hours).  The presentation can be viewed online at that time at:

While you can view the presentation using most browsers, if possible we'd encourage you to join while logged in from a Gmail, GoogleApps for business, or Google+ profile, as this will allow you to participate in the Q&A and also provide feedback to the presenters in the form of +1s, etc.  If this is inconvenient, you can also provide questions to [hidden email] which we will pass along to the presenters beforehand.

Please RSVP.  We've attached an .ics file as a reminder for your calendar to make RSVPing convenient, but you can also send us an email or indicate your participation on the event site above.
Finally, now standing over 1700 strong, OIN will celebrate our 10th anniversary this fall.  We hope that you might join us at LinuxCon Europe in Dublin for a Guinness toast celebrating OIN and its community members following Keith's keynote on October 5th at 5:50pm.

We look forward to seeing you!


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