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George Vlahavas
I have just uploaded a new elilo package in the 14.2 repos. If your mirror
hasn't synced yet, you can get it from here too:

This syncs with changes in Slackware-current and also adds a couple of
important features:

1. The EFI boot entry is now named "Salix-$edition-$version", instead of
just "Salix". $edition is read from an /etc/salix-edition file, which will
be there on the next iso. The default contents of that file for the Xfce
release will just be "Xfce". If the file is not there the entry will be
named just "Salix-$version". Naturally, you can create/edit that file and
put anything you want in it! Just be aware that any spaces will be
transformed to underscores and be reasonable. ;)

2. eliloconfig now supports translations! By using the work already done
by Didier for his Slint project, eliloconfig is already translated in
several languages. I have created a resource for it in our Transifex page.
You can find it here:

If you find your language missing from the list, feel free to contribute a

I haven't tested the package from within an installation iso, but I'm not
expecting any problems.

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