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George Vlahavas
Some of you already know, because it has come up in our jabber/irc chat
the other day, but for everyone else, we now have a backup server for our
repository. The backups are being generated using rsnapshot. These are
available through ftp (only) from the following location:


We are keeping backups for the last day every 4 hours. The hourly.0
directory is always generated at most 4 hours ago. hourly.1 is always 4
hours before hourly.0, hourly.2 is always 4 hours before hourly.1 etc.

We also get a daily backup for the last week. daily.0 is always last
night's backup, daily.1 one day for that etc.

Weekly backups are generated every Sunday. The backup server has been
running for almost 2 weeks now, so we currently have weekly.0 which is a
backup from last Sunday. This week weekly.0 will become a new weekly
backup and the old weekly.0 will become weekly.1. We will be
keeping the last 4 weekly backups, so that means backups for the last
month will be kept.

Eventually, montly backups will always be created too and we will be
keeping backups for the last 6 months in a similar manner.

Since this is on a separate physical server than the one the repositories
are hosted on, if anything happens to that server, we will always have a
backup to fall back to and recover anything. Even if we somehow destroy
part of our repository by mistake, we will be able to roll back to an
earlier working snapshot. This is the same server that is also acting as a
permanent torrent seeder for our isos and is funded by donations.

The repositories are slapt-get-able and slapt-src-able of course, since
they are full backups. They have already been very helpful a couple of
days ago, when we were desperate to find when a certain change was
commited to the repositories.

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